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Team Uniforms

Team uniforms are required by all athletes, they are worn to Regattas throughout the fall and spring season.  

How to Order Team Uniforms

Our uniforms are hand-produced by Boathouse. Each season, Boathouse will accept orders for a very limited time. Our Merchandise coordinator will officially open and close the store each season.  Registered crew members will be notified of the store opening, closing and ordering instructions via email.

Miss the Order Deadline?

Team uniforms can still be ordered during the season however, pricing for individual orders will be more expensive and the shipping times may vary (it's unlikely that your order will ship before the first regatta).  

To place an individual order, call Boathouse at 1-800-875-1883 ext. 211 (or press 0 to speak with operator)


  • pricing will be higher than the team's

  • request an estimated time of arrival 

  • custom orders are final, no returns

  • review Boathouse's Size Chart

  • ask Boathouse size and fit questions prior to placing your order

  • for the Hingham Crew Splash jacket, the athlete's last name should be embroidered in all capital letters. 

Sizing Information:

For sizing information, please visit the sizing chart at Boathouse. At the start of each season, the merchandising coordinator often has samples to try on if needed. Contacting and existing crew member is also a way to check on sizing.

Required Uniforms:


Boys (Novice/Freshmen):  Long Sleeve Technical Shirt and Trou

Girls (Novice/Freshmen):  Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, Trou, and Hat

Boys (Varsity):  UNI and Long Sleeve Technical Shirt

Girls (Varsity):  UNI, Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, and Hat


Boys (Novice/Freshmen/Varsity):  UNI and Long Sleeve Technical Shirt

Girls (Novice/Freshmen/Varsity):  UNI, Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, and Hat

Pre-Owned Uniforms:


Pre-owned uniforms may be available to  purchase through the swap shop or merchandise coordinator. For inquires or uniform donations, please contact Julie, at 

Water Resistant Jackets ("Splash Jackets"):

Water resistant jackets are not required however, they are often worn to practice, at regattas over uniforms when not rowing, and sometimes to school to show team spirit. Coxswains typically wear a splash jacket as their uniform during regattas.

Hingham Crew water resistant Splash Jackets are recommended for all, but not not required.  Our black team jacket is embroidered with the Hingham Crew logo and athletes' last name as well as a printed Hingham Crew logo on the back. Boathouse Rio-Lite/Splash Jacket Specifications:  Splash Jacket

** Boathouse is our new vendor starting Spring 2019.  Jackets are similar. A new picture will be posted when available.


Image 1:  (L)Uni, ​(M)Tech Shirt, 2: R)Uni and 3: Hat. Not shown: Novice Trou shorts

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