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Bare Cove Park


For the Fall and Spring, training will take place at Bare Cove Park. When weather or tides dictate, practice will be held indoors at the former light plant. At times, practice may move to other locations and athletes will be informed.

Parking / Drop-Off

Pick up and drop-offs should be done at the The Lynch Field lot off Beal Street across from Stop & Shop (Please see "Parking" on map above. Athletes should not walk alone to the launch area from or from the Lynch Field drop-off area (athletes will use path marked above in green). Instead, the buddy system should be used. Before walking the path to the launch site, wait for another athlete to walk with you. Coaches will enforce the buddy system for all students returning to lots when practice is over.

Additional Gear

All rowers should wear or bring some kind of waterproof footwear such as Crocks. All captains have wet launched for a few seasons at this location so new rowers should contact their captains if there are any questions in advance of practice.

Some rowers prefer to wear "wet socks". This is optional during the fall season as the water is still warm enough to step in. If your rower would prefer to purchase "wet socks", here is a link to the brand recommended last season.


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