If you're new to crew, you'll see that the setup for each regatta is a fun, albeit ambitious undertaking.  

It's easy to help, here's how:

1. Supply a needed item for each regatta via Dibs and;

2. Volunteer to work a shift at the hospitality tent at least twice per season.  


“Dibs” is our online volunteer system where you can sign up to contribute specific food items and volunteer for a shift at the hospitality tent/grill.


Dibs opens a few days before each regatta (you'll be notified by email). Simply follow the link in the email, login using your Sports Engine login name and password, then select an item and/or volunteer spot on the list. The sooner that parents respond to the "Dibs is Open" email, the better off we'll be for planning.

Please send contributions along with your rowers to the bus on regatta mornings, and arrive at the hospitality tent at the time you've signed up for.  You can learn on the job - and take time out to see the races, too!


Watch our Hospitality YouTube Video and learn how hospitality operates! Clicking on the image to the right will take you to our short YouTube presentation. 


Thanks for taking the time to watch!



Hospitality is probably best described as "crew tailgating". 


It's the sustenance our kids need to power through a regatta on a cold Spring day. It’s the bagel and hot coffee for spectators. It's the collaboration of you and me and all team parents to provide warm ramen noodles, hot cocoa or a grilled burger when our rowers come off the water from a hard won race.


If you haven’t witnessed the grateful smile of a hungry rower approaching the hospitality tent after giving it their all… are missing out. It’s part of the crew experience.


Hospitality is a big job for a few people. It's a small job with full participation of our parents.


We will need your help to fill a number of hospitality roles and donate food at our regattas this Spring. We will be using DIBS to coordinate food and volunteer roles.  A communication will be sent out soon to tell you how to volunteer. 


Please watch the video to see hospitality in action - we feed about 200 rowers, parents and spectators every regatta!


See you at the grill....


Susie O'Horo

Hospitality Coordinator

Providing 100+ rowers and spectators with food and hydration for the duration of every regatta. 
When each family plays a small part, hospitality is a huge success!