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SPRING REGISTRATION:   Registration will open Monday, March 6, 2023.  Please follow the instructions below, Thank you!

*** Please Read​ ...

THE REGISTRATION PROCESS:   Our sport has six steps necessary to complete registration. Each step is audited as a condition for us to operate crew.  So ... if your athlete has not completely registered, it will create delays.

Please help our volunteer registrar by reading carefully and not skipping steps. If you're unsure about something, simply email the registrar, Michelle Magner at as we'd like to get our 100+ athletes practicing as soon as possible. Athletes that do not have all their paperwork in cannot participate. Athletes pulled from practice due to incomplete registrations impact their entire boat by keeping others on land when they could be out practicing on the water. Thank you for your help getting our entire team out on the water as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate it!

Please remember that uniforms are required for racing. 


Please use the button below. Please DO NOT send any money directly to Hingham High School. The fee per athlete for the 2023 Spring Season will be $1,175 for the boy's team (this fee includes April vacation practices) and $1,100 for the girl's team. Siblings will receive a 20% discount on the second (and third) sibling. Payment plans and family discounts are explained in detail on the crew registration site


This step lets the Hingham High School Athletic Department know that your athlete is participating in crew.The Hingham High School Athletics Department is very aware of who has registered on their system for a sport; they have and will pull your athlete from training if this step is not complete. 


In the Fall, if you know that you are going to join crew for both seasons, you can sign up for both seasons at one time.  If you change your mind about a sport that you signed up for, please notify the athletic office of your change by sending an email to the following address:     


Directions for registering for Athletics on the Aspen/X2 Portal

1.     Log into your portal account

2.     Go to the My Info Top Tab

3.     Click on Reports - High School Athletics Signup

4.     Select each sport you plan on playing by season

5.     Acknowledge that you have taken the online concussion screening course by selecting "Yes."

6.     Type in your name for your electronic signature

7.     Select “Yes” or “No” regarding traumatic head injuries

8.     Select “Yes” or “No” regarding concussions

9.     Give dates for head injuries and concussions, if applicable

10.  Select “Yes” or “No” if you require an EPI-PEN or inhaler

11.  Select “Yes” or “No” after reading the Permission Statement

12.  Again type in your name for your electronic signature

13.  Select Adobe Acrobat for the Format

14.  Click on the RUN button in the bottom left hand corner

If you need assistance, please contact Maryellen Holler at

IMPORTANT: Every crew member must be registered with HHS, and CANNOT ROW if they are not.  If there are any questions or if the instructions above need further explanation, please contact Michelle Magner at , the crew registrar.


Please read the following as the US Rowing website can be confusing. The link to get to their website is at the bottom of this section. If you are already a US Rowing member, please check your expiration date and renew if necessary.

US Rowing provides insurance for our athletes. To activate the insurance, all rowers are required to join US ROWING'S basic membership and sign the waiver.  The basic membership fee is $25.00.  This is the insurance that covers your rower at regattas. Without this in place, your athlete cannot row.


The US Rowing membership is on an annual basis from the date of first time you sign up.

If you have joined in the past, you can use your membership number or your email address to search by your name. Your membership must cover the entire rowing season.


Please do ONE of the following:

To Join:

  • Click the link below to the US Rowing website

  • Select Individuals

  • Under Individuals, select Join (if new to US Rowing)

  • Enter your rowers information. Our club is called The Hingham High School Rowing Association and our code is: GYXEP

  • Click Submit

  • Set up an account for your rower

  • Answer the questions

  • Enter payment and future auto-renew option information, click Submit.

  • Note:  The payment is $25.00. You should only be paying $25.00.


To Renew:

  • Click the link below to the US Rowing website

  • Select Individuals

  • Under Individuals, select Members, then renew

  • Enter your Member Number and password.  If you forgot either, click Forgot My Member Number or the Set/Reset Password link and follow directions.

  • Answer the questions, click submit

  • Enter payment and auto-renew option information, click Submit.

  • The payment should be be $25.00.


Your athlete's physical exam must be up to date, which is within the past 13 months. If it expires during the season, you must update it and provide it to the High School Athletic Office. You can drop it off in the main office in an envelope addressed to HHS-Athletic Office. 


Freshmen, Juniors and New Students to Hingham High School Only must take an impact test given by the school. Impact tests will be given March 7, 9, and 14 from 3pm-4:30pm at Hingham High School.

Rowers that do not register with the school and/or provide a current physical and impact test will not be permitted to participate until these items are completed. Please contact our registrar if you have for some reason not had an impact test.


New Athletes (Novices) or anyone that does not have a valid swim test on file.

If you are joining the team for the first time, you’ll be required to take a swim test.  The swim test will take place on the first day of practice. More information to come.




Rowing Participation Fee:  Our fees cover only our operating costs, including coaches’ salaries, regatta fees, gas for coaches’ launches, and travel expenses for boats and rowers.  We receive some funding from the school for bus transportation.  All equipment is purchased through fundraising efforts of the team. We offer financial aid for those in demonstrated need and a sibling discount off the participation fee for the second child in the program.

Registration Limits: Team size is limited by our equipment, coaching resources, and safety considerations. To the extent possible, Hingham High Crew will not cut rowers from our program. However, in the event that enrollment exceeds resources, cuts may be necessary, at which point refunds will be issued. 


As with all athletic teams at Hingham High School, there are no refunds after registration payment has been made. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Registration Insurance: Our registration vendor has made available a registration insurance plan. The cost is 7% of each athlete's registration fee. Registration insurance will cover the full or prorated portion of your athlete's registration if your athlete cannot complete the season for health related reasons.


You may purchase this coverage only at the time of registration; it is similar to a travel insurance policy but covers the rowing registration fee for the season.


Visit this link to learn more about the insurance coverage. If you have questions about the product, please call the toll-free number on the FAQ page. HHSRA must refer all inquiries to the insurance provider.

Financial Aid: It is the policy of Hingham High Crew not to exclude anyone due to financial reasons. Financial Scholarship is reviewed and is awarded on a seasonal basis based on demonstrated need*.

*Demonstrated Need: Any rower participating in the free or reduced lunch program is a candidate for a scholarship.  We do not ask for financial information, but do ask for justification as we have a limited number of scholarships.  


Please contact, Hingham Crew Registrar, Michelle Magner at with any questions.



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