We ask parents to participate to the success of the organization.  Your role involves volunteering in two critical areas – hospitality and fundraising.

With over 170 adults involved with crew EVERY SEASON, large projects become simple when parents work together.

We are excited to have you volunteer with us! Please contact our Secretary, Sonya Claridge, at if you’re interested in learning more about getting involved.


Our 22-member board is made up entirely of parents of current athletes. Find out more about what being a board member entails and get information on available seats on our Board of Directors page.


We feed over 200 people every regatta. 


Hospitality is a critical part of any successful rowing program. As regattas are typically all-day events, we feed the rowers and spectators throughout the day. 


A significant amount of coordination and planning is required to feed over a 100 hungry rowers plus spectators.  We ask parents to volunteer to sign up to donate food items to each regatta.  We also ask families to sign up for at least two hospitality shifts per season.  We use DIBs to sign up for both food and shifts. 


For the benefit of those leading the organization efforts we ask you to sign up well in advance so we can effectively plan.  Visit our hospitality page for more information.


Rowing is an expensive sport. 


Fundraising is a critical element of a successful program; without it your son or daughter would not have the opportunity to row at Hingham High School.  The rowing fee covers our operational costs and the costs of running the program - not the equipment.


Our goal is to break even with our operational expenses and our rowing fees, and to raise enough money to purchase a new rowing shell each year.  100% of the equipment is purchased through fundraising. 


We have a dozen 8 person rowing shells each of which costs $40K new, plus the cost of oars, cox boxes, and shoes.


Our goal is raise over $50K annually.  To do so we need your help.  We hold a major fundraiser each season; an Ergathon in the Fall and a Spring Fling event. 



Donating time where you have skills and interest to help out where needed, e.g., repairing and maintaining equipment or organizing things, host a pasta party, donate silent auction items to our fundraising events, or joining our board. 

Opportunities for volunteering go far beyond this list, but here is a few we are always in need of:




Lifeguards/Swim Instructors

Athletic Trainers  

Truck/Trailer Drivers

Boat Maintenance

Pasta Parties: Parents volunteer to host pasta parties before each race. Rowers provide all the drinks, salads, host families provide the pasta.  Pasta parties are a fun way for the team to bond.  If you are interested in volunteering to host a pasta party, many opportunities will be communicated throughout the rowing season.

We are excited to have you volunteer with us! Please contact our Secretary, Sonya Claridge, at if you’re interested in learning more about getting involved.