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Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association
State Championship Regatta

Regatta Date:  Sunday, October 31, 2021


 Watuppa Rowing Center

994 Jefferson St. Extension, Fall River, MA


Follow along with live results on HereNow

Race Entries 

Hingham is entered in 9 events

Event and race times are as follows:


Event 8 - Boys Novice 8+
9:30 AM

Bow # 56

Owen Weinstein (cox)

Slater Fairfield

Owen Franklin

Evan Lynch

Vladimir Palichkov

Declan Kelley

Sean Barry

Trevor Steiner

Tyler Grady

Event 10 - Girls Novice 8+
10:00 AM

Bow # 76

Greta Campbell (Cox)

Maeve Schnorr

Shauna Arseneau

Ava Green

Sienna Sullivan

Taylor Sargent

Jane Betti

Sasha Coleman

Dania Thayer

Event 14 - Boys 1st Varsity 8+
11:15 AM

Bow # 105

Ethan Burt (Cox)

Cam Santarelli

Gabe Wagner

Nathan Tesler

Tasman Claridge

Will D'Arcy

Joe DeCola

Ned Macdonald

Aj Rubel

Event 15 - Boys 2nd Varsity 8+
11:26 AM

Bow # 114

Mike Wegener (cox)

Mike Magner

Keegan mahon

Colin Menuchi

Theo Grossman

Dylan Drew

Walker Shetty

Dan Salon

Event 16 - Boys 3rd Varsity 8+
11:37 PM

Bow # 120

Alden Burt (Cox)

Jack Burns

James Feeley

Nick Germain

Logan Littell

Joe Delmonico

Eamon Murphy

Joe Cassidy

Alex Doggett


Event 17 - Boys 4th Varsity 8+
11:48 PM

Bow # 127

Harrison Kennedy (cox)

James Donnelly

Jack Salem

Charlie Rogan

Jack Maurer

Niko Gibson

Kyle Strauss

Cullen Moriarty

Hunter Schultz

Event 18 - Girls 1st Varsity 8
11:57 AM

Bow # 56

Maddie McPhillips (cox)

Charlotte Bogen

Abby Brown

Devon Moriarty

Teagan Schnorr

Marissa Matthews

Helena Orth

Sophie Kerr

Elena Vasilakos

Event 19 - Girls 2nd Varsity 8
12:11 PM

Bow # 76

Alexa Fox (Cox)

Sadie Neidecker

Maisie Knies

Ella Niehoff

Kathryn Feeley

Grace Desai

Anna Capodilupo

Sofia Scholund

Genevieve Vale

Event 20 - Girls 3rd Varsity 8
12:24 PM

Bow # 105
Ellie Dodd (Cox)

Bayan Traiba

Julia Lopes

Alison Dasco

Luka Gutierrez

Ava Lydotes

Simran Vaishnava

Sophi Mogtader

Mazie Neidecker


Athletes arrive by 5:45 AM

Depart HHS at 6:00 AM to Fall River

Depart at Fall River at 2:00 PM to HHS


Atlantis Charter School (991 Jefferson St Ext, Fall River, MA 02721) has generously opened their parking lot a few hundred meters down the road from the boathouse. All cars will need to park there. Please stay in the parking lot – do not park on their grass.


We will have two(2) tents ​

One tent for athletes only, another for parents

Parent volunteers are needed - sign up here

Reminder, all households are expected to have one parent volunteer a season as part of our Parents In Action initiative. If you haven't volunteered yet, this regatta is a great opportunity. 


This has been a trying week for our families.  If you are in a safe position, we will appreciate the following contributions.  Please stay well.

FRESHMAN BOYS:  6 bagels, pre-sliced

FRESHMAN GIRLS: tub of cream cheese or butter

SOPHOMORE BOYS: brownies/cookies/candy/Halloween treats GOAL: NUT FREE

SOPHOMORE GIRLS LAST NAME STARING WITH A-K: 1-3 gallons of water. Stop & Shop has 3-gallon containers with a spigot that makes for easier pouring. 


JUNIOR BOYS: regular size box (not jumbo) cereal bars/nutrigrain bars/chewy granola bars GOAL: NUT FREE

JUNIOR GIRLS:  bananas or grapes. Enough to feed 6-8 people.

SENIORS: Just themselves. 


FAMILY TAILGATE:  There will be a family table if families want to bring food and treats to share.  Hot water will be available for instant Starbucks coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as cool water.  There will also be two food trucks on site providing Philly Cheese Steaks and Brazilian food.



Race results will be posted on HereNow!

FALL 2021 - Fall River, MA


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