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Address For GPS:  500 Pawtucket Boulevard, Lowell, MA (Bellgrade Boathouse);

The River:  Merrimack River
Parking:  $10 Fee (Main Lot) FREE (Corp. lot)

Arrive to bus 15 mins early. Athletes must travel with the team and may only be permitted to leave with a parent if given approval by coaches for special circumstances.

Masks are required at all locations for all participants regardless of vaccination status.

  • Athletes may remove masks once in their boats but masks must be replaced before disembarking at the docks.

  • Please provide your own masks; if you forget or lose yours, a limited number of extra masks will be available throughout the venue.

  • Athletes must wear their masks on the bus



textile regatta.png

Regatta Date:  Sunday, October 3, 2021

This Lowell venue offers perhaps the best viewing opportunity for spectators. The Bellgrade Boathouse is home to the UMass Lowell, Lowell High School and the Merrimack River Rowing Association.

We will have two(2) tents ​

One tent for athletes only, another for parents

Parent volunteers are needed - sign up here

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