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Regatta Date:  Saturday, May 25, 2019

Note: Please ask your athlete if they are competing in this race.  Thank you!

**Race times are subject to change.
These times are for qualifying races.
Athletes may race later in the day in the finals.


GV-3:  9:12 AM 
G-V2: 10:51 AM
B-V2:  11:09AM
G-V1:  12:39 PM
B-V1: 1:15PM

Entire Race Schedule can be found here:

Regatta Venue Location:
Regatta Point Park

Address for GPS (Boathouse):
10 N.Lake Ave, Worcester, MA

** Note: This is not where you will park, see below.


Estimated Drive Time from Hingham High:
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

The River
Lake Quinsigamond

Spectator Parking: 
All team vans and spectators are asked to utilize the UMass parking garage and take advantage of a FREE REGATTA SHUTTLE servicing these parking garages.

NOTE: Artificial Noisemakers are not permitted.




Please arrive at your morning bus 15 minutes before departure.

5:15AM Depart Hingham High School 
Approx. 6PM Depart NEIRA
Approx 7:30PM Arrive Hingham High School


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