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The South Shore Special Needs Partnership "SNAP" Crew team, mentors and coaches.

In 2014, Doug McCaig was the first athletic program director to reach out to the South Shore Special Needs Partnership “SNAP” to develop an adaptable program for teens with special needs. Other SNAP athletic programs are based on this carefully planned flagship program. 


The mission of SNAP is to provide our community of special needs children and their families the opportunity to take part in athletic activities/programs that are specifically designed and tailored to their disabilities and generally not available through mainstream programs.


In our SNAP Crew Program, coached by the spirited Hayes Shea, our energetic SNAP Rowers are paired with compassionate, trained HHSRA crew team mentors on a one-to-one basis (as needed) to learn proper rowing technique, water safety, and socialization. Special adaptive seats and accommodating life jackets are in use to ensure that the SNAP program is assessable to teens with specific needs.


The SNAP Rowers become an integral part of the HHSRA Crew Team and they and their families are welcomed at the team’s regattas and are celebrated athletes at the crew team banquets.


In a boat naming ceremony in 2015, the Hingham High School Rowing Association was excited to add the "SNAP to IT" to our fleet of boats in honor of our SNAP teammates.


SNAP Rowing has been offered all three sports seasons for the past two years and will begin its 7th season on April 4th running through May 23rd.  Sessions will begin on ergs (rowing machines) and culminate with the SNAP athletes rowing on Hingham Harbor if the weather permits.  We can’t wait for the start of the next session!



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