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This afternoon, we learned that we needed to be officially off the wharf as the Hingham Harbor dredging project is about to begin. Thank you to all the athletes, coaches and adults that helped this afternoon / evening make the move - it was an amazing amount of effort.

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, October 4th, we will be holding our rowing practices at Bare Cove Park (Back River) for the remainder of the season.

The Hingham Harbormaster as well as Town Management have approved our relocation. We have all necessary permits and approvals to row on the Back River via Bare Cove Park in-hand and expect no interruption to our practice schedule.

Following is some information about practicing at Bare Cove Park. We have several seasons experience rowing here, as this is our early Spring practice location.

If you have any questions, please reach out. If you would like to walk down to the practice / launching location tomorrow at drop off, please feel free!

Rowing on the Back River has advantages and challenges however, we're pleased to have an alternative that allows us to continue our training schedule without delay.

See you at Bare Cove! HHSRA



At Bare Cove, our crews will be launching from the beach. We have been "wet launching" on the Back River for a few seasons now, and a good number of our rowers and coxswains as well as our coaching staff are well versed in this procedure. Wet launching is a common practice for crew teams worldwide. As our athletes become more proficient at wet launching, the process will become more efficient. Please see "additional gear" below.


Pick up and drop-offs should be done at the The Lynch Field lot off Beal Street across from Stop & Shop. Athletes should not walk alone to the launch area / to or from the parking area. Instead, the buddy system should be used. Before walking the path to the launch site, wait for another athlete to walk with you. Coaches will enforce the buddy system for all students returning to the parking lot when practice is over. Sue Chapin is planning to be at the parking area tomorrow at drop off to help out anybody that is new to this process. To view a map of the parking area, the path that the athletes will use and the launch site, please use this link.


All practice times (rowing and Mass MVMNT) will remain the same. Novice boys are at MVMNT tomorrow (Friday 10/4) as usual.


The Bare Cove Park Ranger has confirmed that the park has been actively sprayed to help reduce the risk of EEE. We will continue to have the launch area sprayed however, please send you athlete with bug spray for added protection.


All rowers should wear or bring some kind of waterproof footwear such as Crocks. All captains have wet launched for a few seasons at this location and new rowers should contact their captains if there are any questions about wet launching or what to wear. Coxswains are carried onto the boat, there is no need to order special sock or wear special footwear.

** For tomorrow 10/4, please either bring waterproof crocks or shoes if you have them, if not an old pair of sneakers that you don't mind getting wet - you must protect your feet. You will take your shoes / crocks off in the boat and slip into your rowing shoes as usual.

** Also, please bring a pair of dry socks for after practice.

** Note that portable toilet facilities will be delivered on Monday.

** Some rowers prefer to wear "wet socks". This is optional during the fall season as the water is still warm enough to step in. If your rower would prefer to purchase "wet socks", here is a link to the brand recommended last season at Amazon. The Wet Socks should be worn with Crocks, Wellies, or some other foot protection.

We are thrilled to be able to continue our practice schedule without interruption. Please feel free to walk down to the launch site tomorrow if you'd like.

See you at the Back River!

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