Boys' hats are now required as part of the Boys' spring uniform (note: these differ from the girls' hats). The hats are currently available on the JL Hingham Team Store. https://store.jlracing.com/store.jsp?ID=1333I69E5KIK6J1G6GHC7B7BIAFM0IDLH1LBD7M2E64D0D#

For those who have already placed an order and need to add the boys' hat, please edit the order by using the order number and last 4 digits of the card used from the original purchase. The instructions for modifying an existing order are next to the top 3 items on the right. If you have any trouble, please contact Ali Abrams with JL Racing directly at ali@jlracing.com or 1-800-831-3305 x103 and she will add the hat to your existing order.

The Team Store closes this Sunday March 11 (midnight PST). Please be sure your son/daughter has all of the necessary items for Spring and place your order accordingly.

SPRING UNIFORM (updated 3/8/2018) - Order By Sunday 3/11

GIRLS: UNI Suit, Long Sleeve Technical Shirt & Hat

BOYS: UNI Suit, Long Sleeve Technical Shirt & Hat

I do think the boys (and their parents) will very much appreciate the hat, especially on sunny days (granted hard to imagine on a day like today:)

My apologies to the boys' families for the inconvenience.

Please let me know of any questions or concerns.

Thank you,



HHSRA Merchandise Coordinator

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