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Crew Fourth of July Parade Float

By Admin, 06/15/17, 9:30AM EDT


Crew Fourth of July Parade Float

 The Fourth of July Parade in Hingham is one of the town’s most attended events.  As in years past the Hingham High Crew team will have our trailer be part of the parade.  This involves having rowers present to march the parade route with our “float”.  It is an awesome event that we are proud to be a part of.

To make our presence known at the parade it is important that we have every rower’s help.

Typically we have rowers holding oars marching in front of the trailer and other members of the team around the float to either trade off oar-holding duties as the parade progresses or to simply amplify the team’s presence.  Either way it is a great opportunity to get involved with the team, especially if your rower is new to the program or wants the opportunity to meet some of the rowers they might not have had a chance to meet during the season.

Participation is the best way for this to work.  Any rower available should contact one of us to say if they can attend.  The parade is scheduled to start at 10 am on July 4th, rowers should expect to be at the trailer earlier (exact time and date to come later).



Wil Mullin, Ethan Quinn, Hannah Kerber, Maureen McGonagle and Lauren Mitchell 


Wil Mullin:
Ethan Quinn:

Hannah Kerber:
Lauren Mitchell:
Maureen McGonagle:


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