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For Parents

Welcome to Hingham Crew!

When your son or daughter joins the rowing program, they are joining a sport that builds values and behaviors of successful individuals: goal setting, team work, commitment, physical fitness and mental toughness.  

Here's what you need to know!

Eligibility:  The program is open to any student enrolled in Hingham High School who meets the customary requirements set by the school and athletic department for participation in any sport.

Experience:  Rowing is the ultimate walk on sport; experience is not required.  Unlike many varsity sports most rowers come to the program without any prior rowing experience. Students who have an interest in rowing and who feel capable of dedicating themselves to the rigors of the practices and competition will succeed with our program.

The Ultimate Team Sport:  Rowing has no "MVP"s. Athletes who earn individual accolades are those who exhibit leadership on and off the water for supporting the shared goals of the entire boat. Student-athletes succeed through teamwork.

Parent Commitment:  Click here for more details. 

Registration Overview:  Click here to learn about our registration process. 

Uniforms:  For more information on uniforms and Hingham Crew gear click here.

Regattas:  Click here for to learn more about Regattas.

Practice:  Click here for information on practice.

Pre-race Communication:  Race dates are communicated at the beginning of the season. There may be adjustments made during the season as necessary.  Often the boats each rower is in are not finalized by the coaches until the days before the race.  In addition the race times for specific events are often not finalized until the days prior to the race.  This can make planning a little challenging, but there are a few guidelines to help with planning.  Typically, novice races are in the morning and varsity races are in the afternoon.  Once we have the final race schedule we post updates to our website.

Boat Lineups: The sport of rowing is unique that each rower competes for his or her seat on an ongoing basis.  At the coaches discretion rowers may be moved to different seats or to different boats.

Role of the Coxswain: Click here to learn more about the role and responsibility of the coxswain.

Seasons and Fees:  Click the Seasons page for more details. Note: You must be a member of our site to view the Seasons page.

Financial Aid:  Financial aid  is offered for eligible rowers. Click here for more information.

Communication: Our website is your go to place for information about the program.  All rowers and parents of rowers are strongly encouraged to join this website to be enrolled in our mailing list, which we use email extensively for communication and updates.  Communication specific to practice is between the coach and the rowers.  Like other high school sports, there is limited communication between coaches and parents.  We encourage you to ask your rower for any updates or changes communicated from the coach.

New to Rowing? Click here to learn all about what your kids are doing at practice and what all the new terms mean.

Rowing After High School? Successful rowers are student-athletes who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to work hard toward goals -- attributes that are attractive in their own right to college admissions officers as part of a balanced portfolio of academics, sports and service. Hingham High School students are attractive candidates to excellent universities around the United States.  Click here to learn about the opportunities to row in college.